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A meeting with plant scientists and technological companies

Image of the preliminary document of the I Encounter of Plant Scientists and Technological Companies

Image of the preliminary document of the I Encounter of Plant Scientists and Technological Companies

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The 12thDecember 2013 will be held the I Encounter between vegetal scientists and technological companies in the Institute of Catalan Studies (IEC, Barcelona, Spain). The event, organized by the Plant Biology Section of the Catalan Society of Biology (SCB) is directed to scientists (IPs), companies which activities are related to plant protection and nutrition and professionals of the sector such as project managers, experts in intellectual property and business and innovation developers. This meeting aims to fuse commitments, agreements, partnerships and entrepreneurship of a lobby within the EU and nationally.

Carolina Fernandez, Director of the R&D Department of Futureco Bioscience will participate in one of the sessions of "Scientists & companies" in the field of nutrition and plant protection, and will assist with more representatives to the meetings that will be ran about business opportunities' management, as well as the networking activities. Organizers expect to end the meeting with some task groups defined, an established communication between plant scientists and companies, and raise the possible construction of a technological platform network for project management, agreement building and other products of collaboration and interaction.

Among the participating organizations, the meeting will count with the presence of the Bioregion of Catalonia (Biocat) and Biovegen (from Invegen, an organization that bridges academic and public research with technology companies and administrations). For more information about the event please contact us atcommunication@futurecobioscience.com.

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