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A gesture of solidarity with local families in conditions of economic precariousness

Lots of nougats recently arrived to the Rebost Solidari headquarters

Lots of nougats recently arrived to the Rebost Solidari headquarters

A user of the Rebost Solidari receiving one of the Christmas lots

A user of the Rebost Solidari receiving one of the Christmas lots

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Futureco Bioscience has launched a solidarity donation of 560 lots of Christmas specialties such as nougats for each of the families that are users of Rebost Solidari, the food distribution service for the population at risk of poverty and economic insecurity of Vilafranca del Penedès. This initiative is part of the line of Society and Territory of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) area of Futureco Bioscience.

One of the objectives of CSR of the company is to become more involved in the life of the city and to form partnerships with social, educational, agricultural and environmental organizations. The Rebost Solidari is a food distribution point for the poorest families, who have a license issued by the social services of the city with an assigned quantity of points, depending on the ages and number of members, that they can change by those foods they choose according to their needs. It is driven and created by the association Ressò (Social Solidarity Resources) of Vilafranca del Penedès, nearby Futureco Bioscience's headquarters, to help those who have difficulty to cover the cost of a basic right and a basic service need: food. Currently 560 families are users of this service.

Marc Torrents, the coordinator of Rebost Solidari described the action as a grand gesture that users would love "since sweet specialties are rare in the service and not considered as first need food, they are often expensive and when there is a bit of chocolate or something different or delicious it flies, thank you very much."

In this case, the lots of Christmas are based on three nougats, one soft, one of chocolate and one hard of the brand Lacasa, that will be a free detail for each user family, which can move to collect from thursday 19 of December at the headquarters of Rebost Solidari (Avenida Garraf 18 , Vilafranca del Penedès).

While Christmas sweets are not a staple in the diet, the lack of access due to low economic resources on these Christmas dates is perhaps one of the evidences of the growing social gap due to the crisis and the unemployment that makes the fourth world increasingly populated in our territory.

"Solidarity, communication and commitment should start deserving good morning to your neighbours. It's essential to have care for who is closer, so from Futureco Bioscience we are very open to participate and collaborate with local and regional life, providing our value in what we can. We are a company with a strong international spirit as the major part of our turnover is worldwide, but we do frontline research, produce and manage everything from here, from Olèrdola and Vilafranca" (R. Juncosa CEO Futureco Bioscience)

This is an initiative of Futureco Bioscience SA, agreed with Rebost Solidari of Vilafranca, and in collaboration with the company Lacasa.

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