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A cleaner and updated image of Futureco Bioscience products

Updated image of some of the products of Futureco Bioscience

Updated image of some of the products of Futureco Bioscience

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The webpage of Futureco Bioscience opens this week the catalog with an updated image of our products, more homogeneous and modern. Following a basic label schema, images have been unified under two lines of design, a more continuist and cleaner one, based of still paintings of the main crops which the product is applied, framed with the corporate Futureco Bioscience colour and with the product name in a red box, and a totally new design line, already applied for the defense activators products such as Fosfimax and Alfositol, and that will be used for new solid products presented in a bag package, such as FitoMaat.

Futureco Bioscience is present for 23 years in the agrochemical inputs market. Among its supply, there are products which image hasn't changed since they where first developed and commercialized. With this step it is intended to standardize and improve the image and recognition for the products in major supermarkets for farmers.

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