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The team of Futureco Bioscience in ABIM 2015 (Basel)

The team of Futureco Bioscience in ABIM 2015 (Basel)

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Between April 19 and 21 took place the Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting (ABIM) in Basel, a must which Futureco Bioscience attended by tenth consecutive time since its first edition. During its first decade, this meeting has been hosting all those companies that have joined the market development and representation of biological control products, and is a reflection of its key players and health condition. As expected, the pressure of administrations and governments to reduce climate change and persistence of residues of conventional chemical pesticides, there's a suitable context for market opportunities based on the development of cleaner solutions that many companies have taken advantage of. That justifies how large multinationals absorb or reach trade agreements with young enterprises and SMEs who bet on the residue 0 and research on biopesticides. Therefore, year after year, the number of exhibitors and companies in ABIM grows and diversifies, reaching in its 10th anniversary, more than 800 delegates from 47 countries representing 394 companies and organizations worldwide.

ABIM is undoubtedly the most important international meeting that brings together the major players in the industry of biocontrol. An ideal place to discover new products, business opportunities and areas of research. With an excellent organization, this conference ensures a tight schedule, with 43 presentations that covered the latest advances in market development, regulatory affairs and new plant protection products. Simultaneously, spaces were equipped with more or less privacy for meetings, from which could derive some agreements and strategic steps that will occupy the heads of specialized media, impact on financial markets and perhaps in a less explicit but more relevant way, in the environment.

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