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Prelude of a week of science in society

Card of the Science Week 2015

Card of the Science Week 2015

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From 13 to 22 November takes place the Science Week in Catalonia, where headquarters of companies, research and technology centres, schools, cinemas, theaters, conference rooms, auditoriums and other facilities spread throughout Catalonia offer activities for dissemination and popularization of science and technology. Science and technology are culture, so during that week lectures, films, guided tours, seminars, experiments, plays and other cultural consumption assets for people with all kind of concerns will be offered.

Futureco Bioscience will participate this year with two activities, an open doors guided tour of its R & D and a lecture by research staff at a secondary school.

The tour, entitled Sustainable Agriculture of zero waste, will be preceded by a presentation about soil care, celebrating that 2015 is the year of soils and Futureco Bioscience devotes part of its R & D, production and trade to care for the flooring where it grows much of the food we eat. High school students are invited to the visit to look out the work done in the laboratories where R & D is cooked, with professional backgrounds ranging from chemical engineers and agronomists to biotechnologists, plant physiologists and microbiologists, and operates with a studied coordination to meet the objectives of a biotech company. In short, an opportunity to broaden the perspective and foresight on how they could work in the not too distant future.

On the other hand, the lecture Clean solutions for crop nutrition and crop protection: the value of knowledge, will be given at the Pompeu Fabra Secondary School of Martorell, and will be a relaxed conversation about how knowledge can lead to develop innovation in the R&D Department, and how from the observation of nature can be born some ideas that are behind of products that are already on the market.

Futureco Bioscience joins the effort to explain what is done in laboratories to encourage scientific vocations and also disclose the technology that sooner or later, directly or indirectly, we will consume. It is a right to know, and a pleasure to explain.

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