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New research on bacteria with nematicide activity and promoting plant growth properties

Belén López presenting the results of the trials of Lysobacter enzymogenes strain B25

Belén López presenting the results of the trials of Lysobacter enzymogenes strain B25

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Between 16 and 19 June, part of the R&D team of Futureco Bioscience participated in the 10th International PGPR (Plant Growth Promotion Rhizobacteria) Workshop in Liege, Belgium. At the congress, Dr. Belén López, Director of the Biopesticides Research Program, presented the nematicide activity of strain B25 of Lysobacter enzymogenes, and also its plant growth promoting properties, never reviewed until date. This strain was isolated by researchers from Futureco Bioscience from roots of a crop of organic pepper. On the one hand it was shown that application of the B25 strain induced growth promotion in tomato variety Marmande, both in depleted soil (5.79 times more growth than the control) and commercial substrate (4.5 times). Moreover, the antagonistic activity was evaluated against B25 strain nematode Meloidogyne javanica under laboratory conditions (in vitro) and in a climatic chamber (in vivo - in plant), showing a decrease of nematode reproduction (counted in number of eggs per gram of root) of a  40% after treatment.

Moreover, Dr. Laia Arrom, Director of the Biostimulants and Biofertilizers Research Program, presented a poster where the growth promoting activity of a new strain of Futureco Bioscience: Pseudomonas putida strain FB. This strain acts as a plant growth promoter on various substrates at different concentrations of organic matter, achieving impresive results on the tomato plants, achieving up to 27 times its dry weight relative to the untreated plants.

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