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Meeting in Barcelona to talk about vegetal protection with the ICEA

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BIOSCIENCE FUTURECO IX participated in the Plant Protection Conference organized by the Institut Català d'Estudis agrarians on February 19, 2010. The event was attended by a hundred persons related to Plant Protection, who came from different universities (ESAB-UPC, UDL, University of Girona), research centers (IRTA, CSIC), Technical Plant Protection Association, representatives of the DAR and companies agrochemical sector.

First, FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE sponsored the event and on the other, presented a paper titled "Biopesticides, tools to realize the natural control".

In the context of transition to a cleaner plant protection, interest in the use of these beneficial microorganisms has increased and many research works have been directed towards the isolation, identification and evaluation of strains with potential biocontrol properties. However, these organisms become real solutions to a specific plant problem, we need a comprehensive approach to transform an isolated local microbial biopesticide most widely used. In the paper presented by FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE described a model developed by the company for this purpose, with their own examples illustrating key aspects of the process, such as the characterization of the isolate, risk assessment, efficacy studies and issues related to the registration , among others.

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