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Futureco Bioscience expands with the launching of 8 subsidiaries

Main headquarters of Futureco Bioscience in Spain

Main headquarters of Futureco Bioscience in Spain

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Futureco Bioscience, the agrobiotech company that researches, develops, produces and commercializes environmental friendly agrobiological inputs for plant nutrition and plant protection of zero waste begins an expansion phase to become multinational. 

The company, that has been developing its activity for more than twenty years from Barcelona, has spent the last two years preparing its growth to be more profitable and efficient worldwide. In 2011, Futureco Bioscience joined its three engines: the administrative offices, the R&D laboratories and the Production facilities, in one unique location based in Olèrdola. Since then, the company had been commercialising its products in 22 countries through commercial distribution agreements.

In 2012, Futureco Bioscience changed from being a Limited to a Public Limited Company, opening to investors and shareholders. In 2013, shares were distributed among workers and a Board of Directors was created, at the same time that new commercial relationships than those held to date were undertaken. The company began to recruit Regional Managers and started preparing an expansion that involved opening more offices across the planet from its headquarters in Spain.

In early 2014, the R&D Department was restructured in order to bring faster biopesticides, bio-stimulants and bioactivators to the market, also investing in hiring more employees, until the staff of the R&D and Regulatory Affairs Department reached the 35% of the workforce.

This week, in mid-2014, Futureco Bioscience opens new technical offices in Quito (Ecuador), Lima (Peru), Bogota (Colombia), Naples (United States), Mexico City (Mexico), San José (Costa Rica) Guatemala (Guatemala) and Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). A total add of eight subsidiaries joined to the registration of 8 to 12 products, among which there are biopesticides such as NOFLY, and that will be sold either from their technical offices or through national distributors.

On 2015 it is expected that Futureco Bioscience will also expand with new technical offices in Brazil, Argentina and other countries through Latin America. The agrobiotech company maintains its business relationships and business opportunities with both exclusive and independent distributors in all its branches through the continuous promotion in collaborative and strategic alliances for projects with social and environmental commitment from its headquarters in Spain, where it manages and operates its activity, and that now expand to eight all over America.

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