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Farming soil

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Today is the day of soil conservation, a necessary resource for the provision of food through agriculture and livestock. Excessive exploitation of the soil can impoverish it and render it infertile or poor, making it difficult for the plants grown in it to access the water and the essential micronutrients and macronutrients they need to grow properly. An impoverished soil is one of the most common causes of low crop productivity.

Futureco Bioscience has developed and positioned in markets worldwide its line of soil conditioners, as well as biostimulants with essential micronutrients to ensure good availability of nutrients in the litter of roots of crops, such as Golden Fer®, Master®, Ecoquel FMZ® or Ecoquel Micromix®. Without ensuring the conservation of the soil, but also by increasing the absorption capacity of the plants from the roots, Futureco Bioscience also has developed Bioradicante®.

What can impoverish the soil? Among other malpractices, an indiscriminate use of chemical synthesis products that leave residues that diminish the necessary biodiversity to enrich it with organic matter and regenerate the soil after agricultural work. In its work to develop products with low environmental impact and zero waste, Futureco Bioscience offers the soil conditioners: Bioterra®, Ecosalt® and Vigoral Mol®, which enrich and regenerate the soil, and take care of it to ensure maximum performance and recovery.

Bioterra® is a soil conditioner with 25% organic molecules of natural origin and trace elements that improve crop development. Its application improves soil structure and microbial life, generating healthier crops and a higher yield with lesser need of fertilisers.

Ecosalt® is specifically formulated to reduce salinity and improve flocculation, enhancing porosity and penetration of irrigation water. It stabilises the soil pH and reduces its sodium content, improving crop growth and preventing saline stress. It also promotes root growth due to increased porosity, and a more efficient absorption of water and nutrients.

Vigoral Mol® is a natural organic matter obtained from sugar beet fermentation. Its application enriches physical-chemical soil characteristics, making more available phosphorous, potassium and trace elements. Vigoral Mol® also promotes the growth of beneficial edaphic microorganisms, enhancing the development of a healthy root system.

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