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Meeting of Certis Europe Spain and Futureco Bioscience

Meeting of Certis Europe Spain and Futureco Bioscience

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From Monday 12 to Wednesday 14 of January 2015, Futureco Bioscience has received in its facilities in Olèrdola (Barcelona), managers and technical staff of the company Certis Europe, in particular its delegations of Spain and Portugal. Senior managers of both companies, and technical and commercial staff of Certis Europe specialized in nutrition of concrete agricultural crops in different areas of Spain, attended a consensus and brainstorming sessions through intense days in order to lay the groundwork for taking advantage in a more efficient way of synergies to enable the development of new business opportunities.

Certis Europe and Futureco Bioscience have been collaborating for the last three years in the marketing of nutritional products with zero waste and respectful environment for the Iberian Peninsula. While the most of the turnover of Futureco Bioscience comes from international markets, these days the spotlight was put on collaboration and exchange of ideas, experiences and analysis to anticipate the demands and challenges of the Spanish and Portuguese agriculture.

Under the Project "Endurance" (evoking the Ship of Captain Shackleton, an example used in business schools and sports to exemplify excellence in team leadership and collaborative work), Pedro Juan, CEO of Certis Europe Spain, motivated all participants to work together and establish lines of communication and work beyond the meeting, with the participation and contribution of each of its members, and not just the heads of each department or specific tasks, the most usual among business organizations, thus increasing the feedback of experiences that may be useful, working as a team.

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