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Casuistics of innovation

Delfí López, Rafael Juncosa and Ignasi Ferrer at the panel discussion

Delfí López, Rafael Juncosa and Ignasi Ferrer at the panel discussion "Casuistics of innovation"

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On June 3, 2015, the Association of Companies of the Penedès and Garraf Areas, ADEPG, organized the "SME Agora", a Convention of micro, small and medium enterprises of the territory. The event was divided into two blocks, Agora Invention and Agora Talent, in which experts from technology companies, recruitment and professional growth participated in various panels that addressed issues from labor reinvention, roles and responsibilities, changes in the organization of companies to foster creativity, or the use of digital tools to expand the scope of individual and organizational activity, among others.

Rafael Juncosa, CEO of Futureco Bioscience was invited to the panel discussion "Casuistics of innovation", moderated by Jordi Soler and in which also participated Delfí Lopez, from the company Monocrom, dedicated to the design and production of laser technology, and Ignasi Ferrer, of the company Applus+Idiada.

Ignasi Ferrer explained how Idiada gave advise to companies to turn an idea into an innovation, hence, possibly the most difficult step,consolidate that innovation as growth in the market, and how this could be done with a digital application developed by Idiada to generate ideas and challenges. Delfí Lopez supported that "to generate innovation you need to understand what happens in your market, adapt the business to customers, products that incorporate ideas and working projects. We must be able to capitalize innovation and to convince prescribers to generate more customers. Get a minimum number of customers to test the product and recommend it".

Rafael Juncosa said that innovation is to generate things that are not yet in the market, in any field, from technology to music production. "Innovation is not renewal, is implementing strategies of R&D to generate new useful products, enhance the market and increase supply" exposing the case of Futureco Bioscience, a leader company in R&D investment. "It is also about communicating what we do to sell more and to be recognized globally." added Rafael, who also explained that the basis for success of Futureco Bioscience is to apply the knowledge of how nature is self-regulated, "seek those fungi and bacteria that are parasites of a pest, then reproduce and formulate them to become an industrial product. We reproduce what is already in nature. The first step of the way is being able to apply the knowledge in the right direction to meet specific demands or solutions to solve specific problems and needs."

J. Sola, to close the event, recapped some things that had seemed common to all speakers, as the duty to foster creativity among employees, or the need of belief in creativity and innovation of the boss of the company, looking towards a future market, and not necessarily technological. "Dissemintaion of innovation is also very important, as also the promotion of innovative vocations and creativity in school" said Sola quoting what Rafael had said. They all agreed that without teamwork, innovation can not be consolidated.

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