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Approved the registration of the biopesticide Rutastar® in Latin America



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Rutastar®, biofungicide and biobactericide of broad spectrum, for the prevention and control of fungal and bacterial diseases, has been approved for commecialization and use in Colombia, where it will be available in December, and also soon in other latinamerican countries.

Rutastar® is an extract of Rutaceae, of organic origin, which can be applied at any time and in preventive post-harvest treatments, which makes it unique in the market. Especially recommended for tomato crops, ornamentals, vegetables, cucurbits, bananas, rice and fruit. It is applied as a preventive and curative treatment, any time there is evidence of disease, especially by Botrytis, powdery mildew and bacterial blight.

This news is a further step in the development and supply of clean solutions for a new agriculture much more committed and respectful to the environment, and an achievement of Futureco Bioscience in its recent activity in Colombia and other Latin American countries.

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