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25 years after registering Futureco

25 years contributing to a high efficacy agriculture of low environmental impact.

25 years contributing to a high efficacy agriculture of low environmental impact.

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Today we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Futureco Bioscience, date that makes 2018 a special year full of prizes, celebrations and commemorations for the Spanish agrobiotechnology leader company in R&D&I and global benchmark in the field of biostimulants and biopesticides with low environmental impact.

25 years ago, on June 7, 1993, the dossier of the company FuturEco SL was introduced in the commercial register of Barcelona. A few days later, on 22 June, this dossier was approved. Two days before World Environment Day, what we know as Futureco Bioscience SA, which was registered then as Futureco SL, has grown and evolved into the company it is. In its foundation it had only 4 workers, and the company was family-owned. Today it has 60 workers, of which 45% is R+D+i personnel, a department in which a large part of the profits is reinvested in order to continue bringing innovative products to the market, and maintain its privileged position in the agrobiological inputs sector.

With a portfolio of more than 50 products and commercial brands among biostimulants, biopesticides, plant extracts, deficiency correctors, soil conditioners, defence activators and coadjuvants, Futureco Bioscience sells its products in more than 30 countries around the world.

Rafael Juncosa Granados, biologist, CEO and founder of Futureco Bioscience, had to make a choice after a restructuring of the company where he worked on 1993. Whether to look for a job or start a new business. At that time, biotechnology companies in Spain were rare, and innovative start-ups did not have large government grants and there was still no plan to support them. Ecology was reserved for a few NGOs. However, biotechnology and environmental sciences prepared their study plans as bachelor's degrees in universities and were considered emerging sectors of opportunity. The focus on caring for the environment was gaining importance in national and international political agendas.

In this breeding ground, FuturEco was able to open its path as a company to investigate, design, produce and sell agrochemical inputs of low environmental impact, preferably from organic and natural sources of zero waste. This is how one of the first businesses in Spain was started to offer biofertilizers, biostimulants and also biopesticides in 2001, since its R+D+I Department was founded.

Congratulations Futureco Bioscience for this quarter century that makes the company adult, experienced and well positioned, but young enough not to lose the freshness, curiosity and ambition to continue innovating and blunting in its sector.

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