12 April 2019

Harvest yield from the root

A healthy root system is of vital importance for plants, since it is the contact surface with the soil through which the nutrients and water present in the environment will be absorbed so that the plant has what it needs to grow and produce. The larger the size of the roots, as well as the larger number of secondary roots and hair roots, the greater the contact surface with the soil and the absorption of nutrients and water. Futureco Bioscience has developed the biostimulant of the root system that guarantees optimal yields in the harvest: Bioradicante®.

Bioradicante® stimulates root development and modulates root architecture, essential for the growth of the plant and its optimal performance. Rich in L-amino acids, it specifically increases endogenous auxin synthesis, protein synthesis and increases photosynthetic activity. Bioradicante® promotes the proper root development of crops, enhancing both primary and secondary roots, thus increasing both the absorption of water and soil nutrients.

We show the mode of action and benefits of using this product in this video: