17 April 2019

Futureco Bioscience collaborates and participates in the IOBC-WPRS meeting

Futureco Bioscience will co-sponsor and assist as speaker and member to the XV Meeting of Working Group of the Biological and Integrated Control of Plant Pathogens of the IOBC-WPRS (International Organization for Biological Control). This meeting will congregate for three days, between April 23 and 26, the actors of the research scene on biocontrol and integrated pest management in Lleida (Spain). 

Entitled “biocontrol products: laboratory research to product development”, the meeting will host scientific contributions on biological control of plant diseases and product development processes from R & D + I. This meeting will provide an important opportunity to present the latest developments in this area, share ideas and discuss common themes.

Carolina Fernández, director of the Research and Development Department of Futureco Bioscience, will participate with her presentation “Cooperation of companies and researchers” in the round table “The difficult way to the field: How companies experience commercialisation of biological control products”.

The meeting will address other issues such as new sources and methodologies to isolate and evaluate potential biological control agents, means of production and formulation methods, factors of incidence in the effectiveness of microbial agents of biocontrol, impact of integrated management in the rhizosphere and in the plant, crossed strategies, plant-pathogen-control agent interaction, molecular tools for the study of microbial populations or natural application of substances and microorganisms against diseases in different ecosystems.

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